in light of recent events with lesderid (see https://fuwafuwa.moe/nr/freeme/) I will shut down the site just in case some bullshit like this happens. back up any files you might wanna keep while it's still up, will try to keep it up atleast until May 8th, 2018. thanks to everyone who used and supported the service over the years! 138'000+ files is way more than I could have ever expected when I started it.

Privacy policy

hnng.moe does not collect any personal information. Your ip address, which won't be used to identify you in any way, will be logged every time you upload a file or shorten an url. An ip address is a unique identifier for your computer or other access device. The ip addresses are stored for security purposes, such as preventing abuse of the service. I will not disclose your ip address to other individuals or entities unless disclosure is required to comply to the law or protect or protect my or others' rights, property, or safety.

hnng.moe does not use any cookies.

All of the content you submit to hnng.moe is considered public and easily browsable through the sequential file and url id's. I do not recommend submitting anything you want to keep private to the site, as anyone with a crawler could easily find it. When you upload a file, you are provided with a deletion URL. You can use this to delete your file, should you change your mind about sharing that data. If you lose your deletion URL and really need to remove a file you uploaded, you can try contacting me through the e-mail in the About section and provide the ip address from which you uploaded the file, as well as the approximate time and day you uploaded it.

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